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InnoSynth General Privacy Rule
InnoSynth and its affiliates (“InnoSynth”) only collect the information specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors of InnoSynth sites. When a visitor chooses to provide information to InnoSynth, InnoSynth uses this information solely for the purposes for which this information was provided as described on the web page accessed by the visitor. InnoSynth does not share information provided by visitors of the InnoSynth web sites with third parties, unless required by law through subpoena, search warrant or other legal mechanisms, explicitly requested by the visitor, or required to deliver publications or other materials and services requested by the visitor. Except for mailing list where visitors explicitly choose to request specific InnoSynth marketing or other materials, InnoSynth will not use personal data collected from its websites to facilitate unsolicited marketing activities.

InnoSynth recognizes that any visitors personal data is valuable and takes all reasonable measures to protect such information. InnoSynth uses small text files called cookies to improve the overall site experience but these cookies are not used to track individual visitors. Cookies can be disabled by changing the settings in preference or option menus on computers.

InnoSynth Recruiting Efforts
Information provided by visitors on this web site includes resumes and employment applications and is kept on file as long as the information is necessary to complete the employment application process, until the employment application is no longer under consideration, or until the individual who has provided such information requests that such information be disposed of, whichever comes first. If the employment application process does not result in an employment, InnoSynth shall reserve the right to keep the resume and/or application on file for future reference, unless and until the applicant requests it to be removed. InnoSynth collects, processes and transfers to third parties, if necessary, the information submitted by the applicant in the employment application form solely for the purpose of processing individuals employment application and does not disseminate or sale this information to outside parties for consumer marketing purposes. By submitting its information on InnoSynth web site, the visitor is providing explicit consent to trans-border transmission of this information.

If you join InnoSynth, InnoSynth may transfer some or all of the same information to third parties assisting InnoSynth in the administration and management of your employment relationship with InnoSynth, including without limitation to payroll management companies, 401K and other pension plan companies, health insurance companies or agencies, credit card companies and others that have entered into vendor program agreements with InnoSynth for the provision of their services to InnoSynth.

InnoSynth does not generally seek to collect sensitive personal data from its applicants. Sensitive personal data include information about private life, racial and ethnic origin, religious and philosophical beliefs, pregnancy and physical or mental disabilities. If you choose to provide this information, you explicitly consent that InnoSynth processes it as part of its ordinary recruitment process.